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Your Symptoms Are Begging You to Listen. 

Do you know what they are saying?


  •  I wish I could eat more of the foods I like?
  • I wish I didn't have to worry about gas embarrassing me?
  • I wish I didn't have to plan and think about when I can and can't leave the house?
  • Why can't doctors figure out what is wrong with me?
  • I can't be the only one with these issues?
  • I wish I felt more comfortable at social engagements?
  • When will this ever end?
  • I feel like my digestive problems are slowly taking over my life?
  • I wish I could concentrate and focus on my work?


Gas, Bloating, Stomach Pain, Fatigue, Constipation, Diarrhea, Joint Aches, Bad Breath, Cramping pain, Skin Rashes, Headaches, Heart Burn, Brain Fog, Etc, Etc?

Every one of these symptoms are a message from your body to your conscious mind. If that is the case (and it definitely is) can you decipher the message? Can you use the clues of your body to create your health story/picture?

For instance:

  • Can you read the subtle differences between bloating and gas?
  • Whats the difference between the person with bloating and no gas and the one with both?
  • What's the significance of different smells?
  • Do joint and body aches relate to your digestion?
  • What about skin problems?
  • What does it mean if you have loose stools?
  • Is it normal to not have bowel movements sometimes?
  • What is optimal?
  • If I am sensitive to tomatoes what does this mean?

If you don't have the answers to these questions, don't worry most people don't. Answering these question is the job or your doctor (at least I think so). The problem is doctors (most but not all) typically don't rely on the answers to these question (and hence why they don't ask you). Instead they rely on labs and images.

The problem with this reliance is that it leaves out so much of the story. So much so that sometimes the story doesn't even look like a story. Your doctor says, "your normal" or "your healthy". That's also why your health problems don't get fixed. I want to help you and your doctor fix your health problems. 

You see, all of these symptoms (plus a bunch not listed) have a very specific meaning to me. They each correlate to specific physiological functions in the body. That means I ask a lot of questions to determine where the problems you have are coming from.

You can think of these questions like your bodies user manual. I have develop a list of questions and answers ( the user manual) over the last 10 years in clinical practice. In fact I continue to refine it every day I see patients. Using it I have helped hundreds of patients find the source of their health issues. Up until now it's only been in my head. 

Now I want to share it with you so you too can find the source of your health problems.

Let's say I give you the manual, will you really know what to do with it? For instance, you find your symptoms are telling you that you have "Leaky Gut Syndrome." What now?

  • Should you start taking supplements to heal your "Leaky Gut Syndrome?" 
  • Should you find out what caused the "Leaky Gut Syndrome?"
  • How do you know when you have found "the cause?"

Or maybe you find your symptoms are telling you that you have "microbial imbalance." Now what?

  • Should you take a probiotic?
  • Which strains of microbes should you take and why?
  • Do you need to take a prebiotic with your probiotic?
  • What does it mean if the probiotic makes you worse?

Having the manual is key, yes. But knowing what steps to take, in what order, for what length of time, and what the expected outcome will be is vital.

It can mean the difference between the problem being completely resolved and no result at all. 

If you are ready to take your life back, LISTEN UP.

I want to help relieve you of this burden that is slowly, but surely, sucking the life out of your body.


Because I know I can help. I know many of you have seen multiple doctors and tried many things so I don't say this from a place of arrogance but from one of experience.

Please allow me to explain.

I want you to think back and remember your experiences treating and trying to resolve these ailments..... I imagine at some point you spent, say $45, on a supplement that promised to fix your digestive problems.

At first you thought.... "this is helping." So you continued on it for another month. Then you came across another one that sounded like a winner. Because you didn't want to loose ground you added the new one, and now you are taking two.

Despite taking the two religiously and as directed for 3 months, your problem is only a little better. Deep down you know you are not much better but you don’t want to think you got fooled twice.

That experience and others like it leave many scared to try new approaches. They are afraid to trust and frustrated by the wasted time and money they already spent on: 

  • Probiotics
  • Special diets
  • Supplements for candida
  • Supplements for leaky gut, etc
  • Multiple doctors visits 
  • Visits to specialist in digestive health

In fact most people that come in to our clinic think they have no other options and are on the edge of giving up.

When I look at what they ( and likely you) have done for their digestive problems many times they are not lacking a supplement, but LACKING proper guidance.

For instance:

  • If you take a probiotic and your gas does not get better DO YOU KNOW WHY?
  • If you are treated for Leaky Gut how do you know this was the problem to begin with?
  • Is your candida problem a bacterial problem?
  • If you have abdominal pain do you have any idea where it is coming from?
  • Is your heart burn caused by histamine intolerance, too much acid, too little acid or something else?

These are just basic questions but essential to answer if you expect to TREAT THE CAUSE.

Bouncing from one supplement or treatment to the next without really understanding the problem or expected outcome is like throwing darts at a dart board?

Sometimes you will get lucky, but DO YOU REALLY WANT TO RELY ON LUCK?

Not just any guidance though. You need guidance from someone who:

  • Successfully treats digestive issues all the time.
  • Is diligent about finding the cause.
  • Doesn't use short term fixes.
  • Doesn't base treatment on selling you a supplement.
  • Helps you understand concepts.
  • Gives you specific protocols that are proven to work.

This guidance should make distinctions between: 

  • When your body needs a probiotic AND
  • when it needs a digestive enzyme.
  • When it's time for a GI workup AND
  • when it is time to remove a food intolerance.
  • Which supplements are most likely to help, support, and repair the digestive problems AND 
  • which are NOT
  • Which symptoms are connected to which function or process in the body.

Good guidance is more than just a one size fits all formula. It teaches you how to apply and use knowledge for typical and atypical situations.

Today, I am going to SHOW YOU HOW!


My name is Doctor Robin Terranella a Naturopathic Physician practicing in Phoenix Arizona. I have spent 10 years in practice CRAFTING AND REFINING A PROCESS TO HELP PEOPLE like you solve their chronic health problems (most of them stemming from digestive issues). 

I know I can help you because this is the exact process I use to uncover the source of my patient's digestive problems. It is also the exact protocols I use to treat the problems we find. 

These are the process, protocols, evaluation techniques and approaches I use with my private patients. I have never made such a comprehensive resource available before. 


I'm going to give you access to a series of videos that show you how to FIND and FIX the source of your digestive issues, AND also improve your skin, energy, joints, and vitality.

It’s simple too. 

The contents of the course include:

  • 11 modules about 4 hours of video material with written text to follow along.
  • Quiz questions to help assess our progress and change as you move through.
  • Systematically track your symptoms to it's underlying digestive source. 
  • Detailed suggestions on how to resolve the digestive problems found.
  • Links and pictures to the specific supplements I use.
  • Action plan to see entire course at a glance. 
  • Private forum to ask questions to me directly. 

No expensive doctors appointments and tests needed. As a bonus though you will have access to a private forum where you can ask and get answers to questions. When I do suggest a supplement I will show you which brands I use with a link or picture. Because I have used these exact products with other patients, I know they work (and no i am not getting paid to promote certain brands).

These videos are what every other digestive expert and / or supplement guidance is missing.

They will teach you how to have certainty on what the problem is and how to approach the problem with certainly so you can resolve it.

 If you could fix your digestive and other health problems today what would that be worth?

What would it be worth to have a tool to evaluate any health issue you have? 

If I sold this course for $599 it would be a fair price. The level of expertise and details to address your health problems are easily worth the cost. However because this course is brand new and I want your feedback and questions to make it perfect, I’m setting the opening price at $99.

That is far less than what it would cost you to come see me in person since there are 4 or more visits worth of information in this course.

IT WILL NOT BE THIS PRICE FOREVER, however. Once I have 20 people signed up I will temporarily close the course. When I re-open it will likely cost double. 

No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee!

Try DIGESTIVE RESET for a full 30 days. If for any reason you are not absolutely satisfied with what you received or the information provided- or if you decide that the program is just not for you - simply send an email to our support within 30 days of receipt and your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded.

Stop Relying On Trust, Stop Wasting Your Time AND Money, Stop Letting Fear Hold You Back, Stop Relying On a Supplement Companies to Tell You When You Need Their Product.



Vishal Kaushik

This will free you from digestive disease

I have gone through a lot of content and have visited number of gastroenterologists in last so many years. I had spent huge amount of money just to figure out why can I not have a normal stomach like most people. I had number of issues but no doct...

Chad Miller

This course changed my LIFE and I never thought I had digestive problems!

I was diagnosed with BPH at the age of 30 by a Urologist. That is pretty rare if you are not familiar. BPH is an enlarged prostate. I had to pee all of the time and was not sleeping well. Medication helped but did not eliminate the problem. D...

Vishal Kaushik

I have gone through a lot of content and have visited number of gastroenterologists in last so many years. I had spent huge amount of money just to figure out why can I not have a normal stomach like most people. I had number of issues but no doct...

Chad Miller

I was diagnosed with BPH at the age of 30 by a Urologist. That is pretty rare if you are not familiar. BPH is an enlarged prostate. I had to pee all of the time and was not sleeping well. Medication helped but did not eliminate the problem. D...

Course Contents

31 Videos
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1 Survey
38 Texts
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4.0 hrs
Dr. Robin Terranella
Dr. Robin Terranella

About the instructor

Dr Terranella is trained as a Naturopathic Physician through Bastyr University. He believes that with knowledge and insight comes intelligent action.

As he describes it, "my entire approach to health care is to problem solve health issues and empower my patients with information." 

This has been his focus for  for the last 10 years in private practice. Now he wants to give more people access.

With these course you can leverage his tools, knowledge, and clinical insights to take action that really makes a difference to your health.

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